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XL Policy

The XL policy protects your company from severe, unforeseeable losses. It is targeted towards companies that want to handle foreseeable and sustainable payment defaults themselves. Together with you, we develop a customized concept based on the following components:

  • Insurance against non-payments of key customers
  • Combination of the policy with a rating system
  • Design of the contract as a reinsurance model
  • Compensation optionally as insurance or financing service
  • Addition of political coverage

Protection of your receivables through an XL policy offers:

  • Protection from unforeseeable, high payment defaults
  • Independence and self-sufficiency in the design of your internal debtor management
  • Combination of the basic model with various design services (such as a rating system)
  • No limit inquiries – and therefore no problem of insufficient limits

Credit insurance

We offer the following models

Good to know

Credit insurance serves to protect the policy holder from risks and dangers that may arise from granting credits and payment terms to the customer.