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Trade credit insurance (TCI)

Do not let the term credit insurance confuse you! If a borrower insures himself against the possibility of not being able to pay off real estate or bank loans, then you speak of residual debt or credit default insurance.

In contrast, the object of (Trade) credit insurance is the loss of receivables for product deliveries or services.
This is how you protect yourself as a creditor!

Important protection from insolvency

Credit insurance is urgently recommended since it can take up to 180 days between product or service delivery and its payment. In the meantime, the supplying company essentially grants a credit. According to Euler Hermes, these so-called supplier credits amount to approx. 300 billion euros a year in Germany! And if your customer encounters a liquidity bottleneck, you could also get into financial problems. You could even run the risk of insolvency.

As soon as you deliver the products or services against invoice, you should insure yourself against the risk of unpaid receivables. Credit insurance not only covers damages in case of non-payment of debtors but also provides credit rating services for customers in Germany or abroad. It serves as your protection as a creditor.

Highly respected cooperation partner

In order to provide you with optimal protection, we work together with all reputable houses – including Atradius, Coface , Euler Hermes, R+V, and Zurich. If necessary, we also consider additional aspiring credit insurers like AIG, Chubb, Credendo, Equinox, Tokio Marine, or VHV.


Trade credit (e.g. trade credit insurance for domestic and export receivables) Export credit (e.g. export guarantees and bonds) To stay up to date and achieve the desired insurance effect, we recommend taking advantage of the experience and support of a specialist broker. HANSEKONTOR will represent your interests without exception and can make you aware of innovations and protection measures. 

Credit insurance

We offer the following models

Good to know

Credit insurance serves to protect the policy holder from risks and dangers that may arise from granting credits and payment terms to the customer.