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Leading specialist broker for financial issues

Our Service

There is a good reason HANSEKONTOR is considered the leading specialist broker in the areas of credit insurance, factoring, sureties/bonds, and fidelity insurance.

We have more than 20 employees, who distinguish themselves through their accumulated expertise, comprehensive product experience, and great acceptance by decision-makers (insurance providers, financing companies, factoring companies). This helps us ensure your increased competitiveness, profitability, and business value.

As partner of the A.U. Group we are part of one of the largest global, independent broker networks and can support customers around the world. We have subsidiaries in Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne, Wiesbaden and Munich.

Our approach

  1. Analysis of your needs and assessment of existing concepts
  2. Development of new solutions or optimization of existing contracts
  3. Tenders/search for best providers
  4. Contract negotiations
  5. Support in limit problems and claim settlements

Credit insurance

  • Trade credit insurance for medium-sized companies
  • International policies
  • Top-up to increase the credit limit on partial decisions  in existing policies
  • Single risk cover Capital goods credit insurance
  • Excess of loss policy (XL policies)
  • Revocatory action insurance
  • Project-based cover

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  • Factoring full-service, in-house, open, non-notification, selective ...
  • Factoring in construction-related areas
  • ABS asset backed security
  • Export factoring
  • Import factoring
  • Refinancing of factoring companies Factoring B2B & B2C
  • Trade finance
  • Forfeitures

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  • Warranty bonds
  • Performance bonds
  • Down payment sureties
  • Sureties for building trade security pursuant to § 650f German Civil Code
  • Product delivery bonds
  • Sureties according to the Federal Emission Control Act
  • Commercial rental guarantee
  • Mineral oil sureties
  • Customs sureties
  • Recultivation sureties
  • Dismantling sureties 

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Fidelity insurance

  • Classic fidelity insurance
  • Protection against departed persons of trust
  • Protection against third-party fraud (e.g.) fake president fraud, payment diversion, and fake identity fraud)
  • Protection against hacker damage due to phishing, man-in-the-cloud or man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Protection against contractual penalties
  • Protection against intentional violation of duties
  • Protection against violations against Minimum Wage Act
  • Special product commission repayment risk
  • Special product moral hazard risk

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Special solutions

  • Consignment stock financing
  • Credit check (information management)
  • Debtor management
  • Outsourcing of factoring services
  • Central regulation

20 years of accumulated experience

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