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The times of bad debt are over

Credit insurance

30 to 180 days! This is how much time usually passes between product or service delivery and payment. Strictly speaking, you are granting a credit until that time – which always comes with a risk. If your customer has liquidity problems, this can also result in financial problems for your company. Bankruptcy is not all that rare.

As a responsible entrepreneur you should insure yourself against the risk of taking this cost as a loss! Credit insurance not only covers damages in case of bad debt within agreed limits but also checks the credit rating of the receiving company in Germany or abroad.

Optimal performance for your premium

There is credit insurance for almost every industry, product, and service. They can be custom designed – from sectoral cover all the way to complete coverage of all accounts.

In addition to the customized contract selection, HANSEKONTOR also handles negotiations based on your wishes, finds the best conditions and services, and manages contracts diligently over the entire term. Our experience guarantees that you get optimal services for the premiums you pay.

Credit insurance

We offer the following models

Good to know

Credit insurance serves to protect the policy holder from risks and dangers that may arise from granting credits and payment terms to the customer.