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Special sureties

  • Sureties for building trade security pursuant to § 650f German Civil Code
  • Bid bonds
  • Sureties according to the Federal Emission Control Act
  • Sureties to protect personnel leasing
  • IATA sureties
  • Mineral oil sureties
  • Litigation guarantees
  • Power sureties
  • Recultivation sureties
  • Dismantling sureties for wind parks
  • Customs sureties

By the way:  Not a bond insurance, but related to bonds, are guarantees (in contrast to bond insurance contracts, guarantee contracts are abstract and cover potential future liabilities), credit orders, letters of comfort, and joint liability.

Sureties/bond insurance

Overview of surety models

Good to know

In contrast to mutual contracts in which both parties are entitled and obligated, a surety is a unilaterally obligating contract. The creditor is only entitled, the guarantor only obligated. The contract does not impose duties on the creditor.