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Protect your assets from criminal activities

Fidelity insurance

Today, almost every company tries to protect itself from criminal attacks from the outside. Third parties that can gain access to company data externally via IT lines or cause fraud scenarios via IT represent a great and entirely unpredictable danger. But the risk is not only from unknown third parties! The fact that perpetrators may already be within the company is often overlooked. They could be on checkouts, in accounts, in the warehouse. It is not even uncommon for them to be in a position of trust. This kind of damage may have a fatal effect on liquidity, profitability, and assets for companies of any size. In addition to economic damages, there may even be additional liability risks for managing directors and executive board members.

Fidelity insurance offers companies of almost all industries and sizes discrete protection against damage that employees or third parties cause intentionally and by acts that the Law stipulates as subject to damages. HANSEKONTOR consults you comprehensively on the topic of risk management and obtains the customized insurance protection you need.

Insurance object

Property damage due to the intentional illegal acts of employees and other members of the company as well as external third parties and departed persons of trust (e.g. theft, embezzlement, fraud, property damage, sabotage, hacking, etc.)


Insurance protection applies world-wide for all permanent and temporary employees, commissioned third parties, and domestic and foreign branches and subsidiaries. In addition, it includes cover of a part of the damage assessment and legal prosecution costs.


  • Protects against the increasing risk of white-collar crime
  • Counteracts your risk potential by means of flat hierarchies
  • Supplements your company-internal control and steering systems
  • Supports you in handling damage to your image Minimizes your liquidity losses
  • Cover of external and internal damage assessment and legal prosecution costs
  • Protects against damage from inherited liabilities that have not yet been discovered
  • Covers expenses for mitigation of damage to reputation

Product variants

  • Classic fidelity insurance
  • Protection against departed persons of trust
  • Protection against third-party fraud (e.g. fake president fraud, payment diversion, and fake identity fraud)
  • Protection against hacker damage due to phishing, man-in-the-cloud or man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Protection against contractual penalties
  • Protection against intentional violation of duties
  • Protection against violations against the Minimum Wage Act
  • Special product commission repayment risk
  • Special product moral hazard risk

In addition, we can help protect you against cyber risks.

Good to know

Fidelity insurance not only covers risks arising from fraud and theft, but also from hacking, disclosure of secrets, and falsification of documents. It also includes external companies as risk persons with access to companies or their data!