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There are other possibilities without house bank

Sureties / bonds

The surety is a contract, in which the guarantor obligates himself to the creditor of a third party (the so-called main debtor) to be liable for the fulfillment of the debtor’s liabilities. The creditor wants to insure himself through a surety in case of insolvency of the debtor.

Sureties via banks

Banks traditionally assume sureties and calculate the resulting (theoretical) commitment to the total credit line of the debtor. This means that part of the line of credit is no longer available for operating/cash loans or other types of financing.

Alternative solutions

HANSEKONTOR will be glad to develop alternative solutions for you. Obtain a suitable surety in cooperation with, but without using, your house bank and gain new financial scope in your current account!

Sureties/bond insurance

Overview of surety models

Good to know

In contrast to mutual contracts in which both parties are entitled and obligated, a surety is a unilaterally obligating contract. The creditor is only entitled, the guarantor only obligated. The contract does not impose duties on the creditor.