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Martens & Prahl Versicherungskontor

Martens & Prahl Versicherungskontor GmbH & Co KG (Holding) is a co-owner of HANSEKONTOR Maklergesellschaft mbH. The M&P Group is one of the five largest owner-operated insurance broker groups in Germany, is a major broker, and has exclusively German shareholders. It is known for its outstanding special insurance solutions and exclusive product innovations.

Rechtsanwälte  M&P Dr. Matzen & Partner mbB

The national and international business law firm M&P Dr. Matzen & Partner focuses on consulting for company transactions and company succession, health law, and consulting for entrepreneurs or companies in difficult economic situations. The law firm team consists of attorneys and specialists who can look back on many years of experience in their areas. The firm’s areas of focus are supplemented by commercial and business law, liability law, procedural law, labor law, and privacy protection law.

AU Group

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