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HANSEKONTOR West Maklergesellschaft mbH


Jens Jonen, LL.M.
(Dipl. Business Administration, Master of Intern. Management (CEMS), University of Cologne, Penn State University, and the Rotterdam School of Management; Master of Law, University of Münster)

1996 Training as insurance specialist at Gerling Speziale Kreditversicherung (GKS) in Cologne
2006 Senior Sales Manager at Atradius Kreditversicherung (formerly GKS) in Cologne
2008 Key Account Manager “Credit Insurance” Interassekuranz Sitt & Overlack, Ecclesia Group in Cologne
2011 Sales Director Credit Germany of the industrial broker of the Ecclesia Group in Cologne
2013 Head Credit West at Marsh GmbH, Marsh & McLennan Companies in Düsseldorf
2016 Managing Partner an co-founder of HANSEKONTOR West Maklergesellschaft mbH

Specialized in the area of credit insurance (national and international policies), top-up programs and individual credit insurance, surety concepts, especially for the energy sector and in restructuring cases, growth financing in production and trade through factoring, in particular individual factoring, as well as support for turnaround financing through targeted factoring solutions and restructured guarantee facilities.

Phone: +49 (0)221 292 953 61


Jens Jonen
Jens Jonen

Ralf-Patric Paps
(Dipl. Business Administration, University of Göttingen)

1987 Training as insurance sales salesman as  at Gerling-Konzern Speziale Kreditversicherungs-AG (GKS) in Bremen
1995 Sales Manager Credit Insurance for industrial clients at (GKS)  in Hamburg
1998 Bank and Broker Manager for northern Germany at GKS/Atradius Kreditversicherung in Hamburg
2003 Managing Partner of HANSEKONTOR Maklergesellschaft mbH

Specialist in credit insurance and factoring solutions of all kinds, fidelity insurance, and surety solutions

Phone: +49 (0)40 238 504 04


Ralf-Patric Paps
Ralf-Patric Paps

Andreas Töllner
(Dipl. Business Administration, University of Hamburg)

1993 Sales Expert for credit insurance at Gerling-Konzern Speziale Kreditversicherungs-AG (GKS) in Bremen
1998 Sales Manager Credit Insurance for industrial clients at GKS in Bremen
2001 Authorized signatory at Atradius Kreditversicherung (formerly GKS) in Bremen
2004 Appointment as deputy Sales Director for north and east Germany for Atradius Kreditversicherung
2010 Managing Partner and co-founder of HANSEKONTOR Nord West Maklergesellschaft mbH

Specialist for receivables management: credit insurance, rating, and alternative financing solutions, such as factoring, fidelity insurance, and surety solutions.

Phone: +49 (0)40 238 504 076


Andreas Töllner
Andreas Töllner